How to: survive a long haul flight

Something I think we’ve all dreaded once or twice. There’s something fairly uncomfortable about being crammed into economy(which lets be real, its most of us- including myself holaaa) for 10+ hours. But unfortunately its something that needs to be done. And half a day flying is nothing compared to the months on the water our ancestors had to undergo to get from country to country… we really don’t have it that bad. But hopefully this blog will give you a few tips on how to make flying slightly more enjoyable.

  1. Decent headphones– I recently got gifted airpods for Christmas(so so lucky) and they are a game changer. They’re so comfortable to wear/fall asleep with and you need something to block out those crying babies(worst)
  2. Podcasts– are an actual godsend on long trips. I find they keep me entertained more than music but download as many podcasts/ playlists that you can before your flight! Don’t rely on the airline to provide you headphones or a screen to watch, a lot of the time they don’t provide what you thought would be provided. Podcasts I am loving are- Happy hour with Lucy and Nikki, Plantproof, KIC and Casefile true crime. They will keep you occupied without a doubt
  3. Baby wipes– not the most eco friendly whatsoever but to give your oily face a wipe over before you land or even use a few on your seat prior. Makes all of the difference having these babies on hand. Hygiene rules
  4. Your toothbrush– speaking of hygiene. Even if you can’t take toothpaste on with you- it’s something. No one like furry teeth. Helps you feel SO fresh and human
  5. Something warm– planes get cold. I always feel cold haha. So i’d be taking a light blanket in my carry on. Because no one should have to pay $20+ dollars for a rug on a plane. Such a rip off. Same goes for neck pillows at the airport. Be organised. Don’t waste your precious travel money
  6. Something to assist with some shut eye– I’ve taken sleeping pills on flights before but haven’t needed them luckily as I’ve realised I can sleep anywhere(hope this never changes ha) but even a valerian tablet/something stronger if you’re worried you wont catch any Z’s. I love taking peppermint or lavender oil on with me too. Even pack in some chamomile tea and ask for hot water. Or even *cough* an edible prior. Get comfy.
  7. Reading material– this is the perfect opportunity to finish a really good book or even grab a few magazines at the store before the airport(half the price). Reading is time consuming, calming and will hopefully put you to sleep
  8. Comfortable plane attire– wear trackpants and a comfy shirt. Or a maxi dress. People that wear jeans on planes cannot be trusted(my worst nightmare). Chuck your hair in a bun and sport a naked face. Get cosy
  9. Water– it sucks being that person that has to ask others to move so that you can go to the bathroom. But being dehydrated when you arrive in a foreign country in a totally different timezone is worse. Take a big bottle ’cause again most of the time airlines wont provide these or charge you an arm and a leg. I once got charged $3.50 for a cup of hot water, tf.

Do your research when it comes to layovers and airline options, and weigh up your time vs money situation. It would be the dream to fly business and not even blink at the price. But I personally cant justify paying 5+ the economy seat. I’d so much rather spend those extra dollars on accommodation, food and a few too many cheeky midday cocktails. I have heard along the grapevine that booking flights tend to be cheapest on Tuesdays at midnight, so maybe give that a go also… Not that many of us will be flying for a while! Man I hope airlines don’t cave and there continues to be competition held within airway companies. Fingers crossed. Things are looking up. All my love x

Advantages of solo travel

This is definitely something we should all do once in our lives. Solo travel does wonders for our independence, self confidence and future friendships. You plan your OWN trip and do the activities YOU want to do. Personally I think there is nothing worse than travelling with someone you don’t travel well with(we’ve all been there), getting dragged around to places you’d rather not be(*cough* museums) or dealing with picky eaters that only want to eat at fast food restaurants we have at home, hell no.

To be honest I feel like most of us like the sound of this, but it is easier said than done. It can be intimidating meeting larger groups of people at hostels, because we are so much more comfortable when we are around humans we know. Makes total sense- but its time to get uncomfortable.


I’d suggest booking a flight, going to the airport and DOING IT because putting action towards these things are the best way to face our fears. But to build up some pre independent travel confidence:

  • Take yourself out for a meal- this can be daunting for sure but you’ll have to get used to this during your travels, so may as well start now. Bring a book or listen to a podcast(don’t be antisocial on your phone) while waiting for your food. Its a date with yourself. Its a positive thing and we really shouldn’t find this such a difficult thing to do.
  • Mutual friends- we all know someone that has a friend/cousin/uncle/school mate etc that lives in another country. Ask around, if you remember someone mentioning the country/area that you’re going to; pick their brains. There is a 99.9% chance they’ll know someone that you can meet up with while youre abroad. This offers you an instant friend and exploring these places with locals makes your trip so much more of a journey. Local insight is priceless. It makes them appreciate where they live even more, too.
  • Get advice from someone supportive- talk to a parent, sibling or friend that will install more confidence in you. Even better if you have someone around you that has made a simular move/decision. Don’t listen to people that will tell you its a bad idea, if its something you have your heart set on- do it. You’ve got this.


  • Befriend the person sitting next to you on the plane- this is a bit give or take but if you’ve struck up a conversation with a local you’ve hit the jackpot. It’s also funny how often you run into travellers that have been on the same plane as you. I’ve made some really good friends on flights.
  • SMILE- sounds slightly lame but we’re all attracted to happy people. If you look like your having a good time(which girllll, you will be) you’ll seem so much more approachable
  • Confidence is key- ‘fake it til you make it’ we’ve all heard 1000 times but very relevant motto in this circumstance. Wear what you want, go to the bars/markets/attractions you want to go to, start up conversations with random people. You most likely don’t know ANYONE in the country you’ve just arrived in. If there is a time to truly be yourself, its now πŸ™‚

Moral of this blog, just go. Solo planned trips really have brought me some of my most wild and wonderful friends. Rely on yourself. I promise it’ll be eventful. You’ll be amazed how many more friends you’ll make along the way without the security blanket of your friendship group at home. You’ve got this.

I am currently ISO BORED so if anyone has any blog topic suggestions i’d love to hear them, time is not of the essence. Hope we’re all safe and doing things to benefit ourselves at this time. All my love x