Prepping for a 5 day hike: my expectations

Soon I am doing a Great Walk with two beautiful, amazzzzing friends. The longest I have ever hiked would have to be a 7 hour day hike- so this is something I have never experienced. Carrying everything I need to survive and keep shelter for 5 days, eating dehydrated meals and walking for roughly 6 hours per day, its ALL new. I can’t wait though, it’ll be a physical and mental challenge and tbh just love the people I am doing this with and the scenery is going to blow our minds- I can feel it.

I definitely expect the weight to be one of the main uncomforts of the trip. Everyone I talk to says keep your weight down! I love this challenge and I can’t wait to pack as minimal as possible, but I think I’ll still come home thinking ‘why did I take that?’. It seems like its a given. My attempt is to keep my bag under 12KG. I will keep you all updated haha.

I also expect to sleep quite well surprisingly. Doing 20 odd K a day I can imagine we’ll be exhausted. And it will basically be dinner and bed. I am sleeping on an insulated compression mattress with a built in pillow(holla Stevo!), a sleeping bag and in a tent with another friend. I don’t really expect to get cold as I feel we’ll have alot of body heat in a small space. I really do consider myself to be someone that can doze anywhere so I can’t see sleeping being a big issue. Then again… will keep ypu updated haha!

I’m not expecting the weather to be much of a bother, although will prepare for light drizzle. I don’t think it’ll get colder than 10 degrees whilst we are trekking(QLD winter). So I can imagine us being fresh of a nighttime and morning but I think it’ll be hot during the day considering the weight we’ll have strapped to us. I will just be taking shorts as I don’t think tights/pants will be needed. And shorts might feel cleaner with all of the sand we’ll be walking through.

I expect blisters 🙁 these seem hard to navigate around and every bone in my body is grateful that we are hiking with a nurse <3 strap my feet girl. I guess too much of anything takes a toll on our bodies and we just wont be used to being on our feet for so many hours per day in bulky shoes. Our ancestors would have done this all barefoot, but I am very happy we’ll have shoes on our feet… (will I be saying this mid hike?)

I absolutely expect to feel so accomplished once we hit our destination. All of the prepping, planning and researching will have paid off. It’ll be an experience to have with us for a lifetime and just so cool to do something out of your comfort zone every now and then 🙂 this is what life is about.

Who has done overnight hikes before and what suggestions would you give me? I love reading hiking blogs/watching hiking youtube videos. Cannot wait to write a blog post my great walk experience. To a wonderful week. L o v e x

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