3 of my favourite self help reads

Happy(and other ridiculous aspirations)

This is such a great all rounder life/self help/puts things into perspective book. Turia Pitt was caught in bushfires in Western Australia over 10 years ago and literally had to learn to walk again. She married the guy she was dating at the time, they have two kids and she is such a happy, positive and beautiful soul. I think she has two or three other books so I am going to get onto these next. Highly recommend.

The barefoot investor

If you’re Australian you’ve most likely heard of this book by Scott Pape. Scott and his family lost everything in the Black Saturday fires and had to start from scratch all over again. He has a degree in finance and breaks things down so simply, laymans terms for us that haven’t studied his field. There are steps/methods for everything he recommends and he also has a great sense of humour. Such a great read. I am going to aim to re-read this book once a year. A wonderful money bible for every household.

The happiest man on earth

Written by beautiful Eddie Jaku who was imprisioned in multiple holicaust camps and by some miracle ended up making his way to Australia. He is a public speaker as well as an author and just a pure inspiration. If you think you’re having a bad day- read this book!

I love any form of self help/development books. What are your favourites? I’d love some recommendations. Here’s to a wonderful short week here in Australia x

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