Packing for trips

This is something I have done a lot of throughout the past few years. Wouldn’t say I’m a pro but “less is more” definitely applies here. Team #minimalism 🤪

Antigua, Guatemala 🇬🇹 one month + 7kgs on my back

I’m personally more of a tropical travel kinda person. I don’t mind being cold for a few days but it gets to me. And let’s be real- the snow is. Hard. Work. Ffs. One tip I can give you for a holiday with a cooler climate tho: spend decent money on a jacket. You won’t regret it. (Or if you’re living in Australia like myself, buy it when you arrive at your destination- so much cheaper)

Going back to ‘less being more’ especially if you are going on a trip that is longer than a week. Unless you have a personal chauffeur and bell boy you are physically CARRYING THESE BELONGINGS around with you whilst you’re abroad. You want to be comfortable. Even more so if it’s warm!

Bum bags ❤️ super safe way to carry your belongings for a night out. I’d avoid satchels.

I’d lay everything out on your bed or bedroom floor whilst packing and take atleast 10 things to put back in your cupboard. Seriously 🤣 I’ve never once been away and thought ‘damn it, I wish I had that top, or curling wand’. And majority of these things are replaceable. You can always purchase them abroad if need be.

I like packing lots of neutral colours so I can mix and match. Cotton is a good option. Linen isn’t, unless you’re travelling with a hair straightener- that shiz isn’t getting ironed. Rolling your clothes will also help keep them smooth and take up less room.

When it’s laundry day and all you have clean is a bandana, it will suffice. Make it fashun 👕

For the ladieeeeeees: hair and beauty products. This is something I struggled with and could still tweak and improve. But sometimes you’ve just gotta be cut throat! I remember telling myself I could only take 5 beauty products with me to Central America. Best decision ever. It’s so sweaty anyway and natural skin is BEAUTIFUL. But again, I guess it’s what kind of trip you’re going on.

Koh Tao, Thailand 🇹🇭 2015

I wouldn’t be taking products like mascara, eyeliner etc to places like south east Asia, central and South America etc. As I don’t think it’d be used. I’d be more inclined to take a tinted moisturiser(always SPF) and a powdered highlighter. Speaking of sunscreen, I’d purchase this before leaving Australia cause it’s expensive AF everywhere. And so essential. Skin is important.

I try to only travel with three travel sized hair products. Not many huh. My BF thinks this is too much haha NEVERRRRR. Sachets of shampoo and conditioner and a leave in treatment(we put our hair through a lot when we’re travelling: sun exposure, different types of water, it’s constantly tied up etc). Curly hair hack: use conditioner as your leave in. Wet it down a touch, coat it in conditioner and wack her up. Works a treat. Keeps your mop in place. Adds shines + reduces frizz. Viola. Tidy hair for a few days. Or braids. Braids rock. Oh and scruchies.

Northern Vietnam 🇻🇳 Scrunchie and comfy jumpsuit ftw

And lastly, I’d be purchasing a pack over a suitcase. Something with wheels is going to be so helpful after a big day out and about. But also having straps that you can put on your back when boarding a plane, train, or going up stairs at your hotel where they promised they’d have a lift. Straps are needed. Screw big, bulky suitcases. Choosing a bag with not so many pockets is essential too, less tempting to thieving hands.

Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸 circa 2014. Defs got my pockets picked here, overpacked a shitload too 🤪


  • For years I’ve always travelled with photocopies of my ID and passport. Have never had to use them but super helpful if you ever need to prove who you are abroad. I’d keep this deep in your pack(your larger bag if you’re travelling with two)
  • Limit beauty products, try to fit all that you need into a sandwich bag so it isn’t a pain at the airport every time you visit. Cleansers, oils etc can always be bought when you arrive if need be
  • Don’t buy anything from the airport. A no brainer, but airports are rip offs. Make sure you have adapters/chargers/a pillow beforehand. Don’t even get money exchanged here. Wait until you’re at the other end. Take snacks to the airport too. The food is always so overpriced for what it is
  • Hand sanitizer- most public washrooms(you’ll be using a lot of them) + transport are gross
  • Birkenstock’s= the multipurpose shoe. You haven’t lived until you’ve had ya feet in Birks. They’re comfy + wear with anything footwear to take travelling. Converse are a good covered in option too!
  • If you’re travelling with a lump sum of cash eg: having to get a few hundred out at a time to keep down atm costs(ING is the OG here) split it up in between bags. Just incase. Obvi if you’re flying put it all into carry on and have it with you at all times.

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